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What We Do

Website Development & Design

Ever visited a new website and had a deja vu feeling, even though you've never been to that site before? Those are website templates, very common in WordPress or Squarespace websites. We don't do that.

What we DO do:

We do Website Development - the 'behind-the-scenes' technical mumbo-jumbo. Basically, this means, with us, your website can have an e-commerce component to it, or you can have a portal system where users log in and interact with your website. Many small businesses won't need that part, but website development also means that you can easily edit the content of your site. We've made our Content Management System from scratch too, and it's super easy for you to use!

We do Website Design - the colors, pictures, layout and feel of the website. This is the part of the website most people are familiar with because it's everything you see. All websites designed by us are made from scratch, just how you want it because the website design is important in conveying the brand of the company.

Every website we develop is created for devices of all sizes, so your site will look good no matter how your customers view it. We also take care of the boring, confusing stuff - the domain name, the hosting, the general upkeep & maintenance of the website, etc. All you'll have to worry about is the website content, and you'll have access to our easy-to-use CMS to help you with that!

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Website Development & Design

Visual Brand Design

A Visual Brand is the pretty stuff that sets your business apart from others. It is what customers use to identify you in the future. It's the colors, fonts, styles and general 'feels' of your business. This starts with a logo and business cards, but also includes your advertisements, stationery and other products, typically that can be printed, that represent your company.

Your logo is the face of your business - it is the part your customers will remember. There are endless possibilities for designing your logo. Text based or image? Pretty or practical? (read about the difference in our blog post: Pretty vs Practical Logos) Color or black and white? Round or rectangular? Vertical or horizontal? Or maybe a little bit of everything? Let us help you sort through the options and construct the logo that perfectly fits your needs.

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Business cards are a fantastic way to spread your brand. Just like everything else we create, business cards designed by AE Design will be 100% true to your brand - no templates allowed. We will walk you through the many contact options (read about the options in our blog post: What Goes on a Business Card?) and help you decide which ones are useful for your card. Your cards will be professionally printed and shipped right to you.

Your perfect business card is a click away.

Visual Brand Design

Invitations & Announcements

When you're ready to share your splendid news with the world, let AE Design create an announcement that everyone will add to the scrap book. Graduations, weddings, new family members, you name it - we make it. While you're celebrating life, why not throw a party too? We will design party invitations to perfectly complement the event announcements. Both will be professionally printed and shipped to you.

Don't wait any longer, share your news today.

Invitations & Announcements

Mobile App Development

Mobile websites are great, but sometimes they just aren't enough for your business. Or maybe you'd like to make a business out of the mobile application itself. Either way, when you decide you need to jump into the mobile application scene - we are here to help. If you've done any research, you've learned that mobile app development can cost you a pretty penny. As a small company ourselves, we provide you with high quality work done at a small company price - no breaking the bank necessary. Once on the market, we will work with you to maintain the app to it's fullest potential.

Ready to take that jump? Let's go.

Mobile Application Development

Custom Projects

If you have a project in mind that you'd like some assistance on but it doesn't quite fall into any of these categories, PLEASE reach out. Chances are, we will have some insight and would love to help if we can!

You'll never know unless you ask, start here.