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Social Media is NOT Your Website

by Amanda | November 27, 2017

Think for a minute about all of the different websites that businesses use.

Facebook does wonders for customer interaction. It allows you to connect with your current customers and bring in new ones. Through Facebook, you can share events with your customers, you can gain reviews from them, share information about the services you provide, and even post job openings.


Don’t forget about the review sites too! Yelp, for example, connects businesses to consumers in a different way - a more focused and (hopefully) beneficial way. Businesses and customers can learn from one another and solve issues that may arise, in hopes to strengthen the relationship.

Then there are all types of different sites that a business in the food industry can host its menu. Not to mention the profile pages associated with EatStreet and the like. For retail businesses, Shopify and Etsy are their sales platforms.

Beyond that, some businesses will use Instagram or Twitter. Some find a following on LinkedIn.

All of these websites are great. If you’re using them all, you may think you don't need a website of your own, you’ve got your hands full already!

Hands Full

But you’d be wrong.

Social media, or any profile-based website, is not YOUR website. And every business needs to have a website all to itself.

There is a certain flexibility and independence that comes with having your own website. You can do ANYTHING you want with it! Let the feel of your business (a.k.a. your brand) shine through so your customers know who they are working with. Your possibilities are nearly endless, especially if you have a custom website made (like the ones Amanda Elizabeth Design creates) rather than a templated one. Additionally, you have everything that can be found on all of those other websites we talked about, all in one place! No customer wants to jump between five different platforms to find information on your business - so send them on over to your website and they won’t have to!

Multiple Platforms

I have had way too many small business owners tell me they don’t believe they need a website because they have -INSERT PROFILE WEBSITE HERE-, so I wanted to write this article specifically for them. Please please please do not make the mistake of thinking that Facebook is all you need. Reach out today.