You ever come across text that makes your eyes hurt? I’m rocking glasses with lenses that are far older than I’d like to admit so my eyes are straining all of the time - I don’t need them to work even harder just so I can read the message on a graphic or a website. Your text should adhere to the four “C”s by being clear, contrasted, consistent and correct. Just in case you’re missing a “C” or two, I’ll let you know how to fix it!


Just because you have access to a certain font style, doesn’t make it a good one. There are plenty of illegible fonts, particularly scripts, out there. DON’T. USE. THEM. If they’re hard to read, people won’t do it.


You text needs to POP. Text that blends in with the background, specifically if the background is an image, is painful to read. Make sure that the text color is significantly different from the background, or try one of these 8 Ways to Make Your Text Pop.


Consistency plays a big part in branding your blog or business. You need the same colors, fonts and images on everything you produce. Another big text mistake comes with using too many font styles. Even if you’re using the same six or seven fonts (not exaggerating, I’ve seen it) it won’t feel consistent. Keep it to two or three.


MY BIGGEST PET PEEVE is reading a graphic or a website that has been published and it contains MAJOR spelling errors and/or grammar mistakes! I get it, people are only human - but let’s try proofreading once in awhile.